C# Client Library
A C# Client Library for the AnalyzeRe REST API
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1 using System.Runtime.Serialization;
3 using AnalyzeRe.APITypes;
6 namespace AnalyzeRe.Distributions
7 {
10  public abstract class CustomDistribution : Distribution,
12  {
15  [DataMember(Order = 13)]
16  public bool interpolate { get; set; }
18  #region IAPIResource_WithDataEndpoint Implementation
19  private LargeDataSubResource _dataEndpoint;
23  [IgnoreDataMember]
24  public LargeDataSubResource data => _dataEndpoint ??
25  (_dataEndpoint = new LargeDataSubResource(this));
31  [DataMember(Name = "data", Order = 97)]
33  public IReference<DataFile> data_file { get; set; }
36  [DataMember(Order = 98)]
38  public TaskStatus status { get; set; }
41  [DataMember(Order = 99)]
43  public string status_message { get; set; }
46  protected override void AfterMembersCloned(APIType _)
47  {
48  base.AfterMembersCloned(_);
49  _dataEndpoint = null;
50  }
51  #endregion IAPIResource_WithDataEndpoint Implementation
52  }
53 }
Represents any distribution that is discrete. With a discrete probability distribution, each possible value of a random variable can be associated with a non-zero probability, and can always be presented in tabular form.
Describes an endpoint off of some types of resources from which an associated "large data file" can b...
Custom Distribution that allows the user to upload CSV data. Can be treated as a Discrete or Continuo...
Specifies that a property is generated by the server and should not be specified on the client side d...
Indicates that the property, if left null, will have a default value generated and filled in by the s...
Base interface for all reference entities.
Definition: IReference.cs:7
Describes an APIResource class that adds a "/data" sub-resource, since this functionality is common t...
Base class used by all types and resources.
Definition: APIType.cs:7
Represents any distribution that is continuous. With a continuous probability distribution, the probability that a random variable will assume a particular value is zero. As such, these distributions cannot be expressed in tabular form and must be described by an equation.
override void AfterMembersCloned(APIType _)
Invoked following construction if the current instance has been created using a member-wise clone of ...
Abstract representation of a distribution, used for parametric loss sets.
Definition: Distribution.cs:11
The status of a data upload which may be in progress.
Definition: TaskStatus.cs:8