C# Client Library
A C# Client Library for the AnalyzeRe REST API
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1 using System.Runtime.Serialization;
4 namespace AnalyzeRe.APITypes
5 {
9  {
10  #region IAPIResource_WithDataEndpoint Implementation
11  private LargeDataSubResource _dataEndpoint;
15  [IgnoreDataMember]
16  public LargeDataSubResource data => _dataEndpoint ??
17  (_dataEndpoint = new LargeDataSubResource(this));
23  [DataMember(Name = "data", Order = 97)]
25  public IReference<DataFile> data_file { get; set; }
28  protected override void AfterMembersCloned(APIType _)
29  {
30  base.AfterMembersCloned(_);
31  _dataEndpoint = null;
32  }
33  #endregion IAPIResource_WithDataEndpoint Implementation
34  }
35 }
Describes an endpoint off of some types of resources from which an associated "large data file" can b...
override void AfterMembersCloned(APIType _)
Invoked following construction if the current instance has been created using a member-wise clone of ...
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Base interface for all reference entities.
Definition: IReference.cs:7
Describes an APIResource class that adds a "/data" sub-resource, since this functionality is common t...
Base class used by all types and resources.
Definition: APIType.cs:7